Currently working on Smee libraries (and many other things), watching 'The Witcher' and 'Uncanny Counters 2', playing 'Bioshock Infinite' again and reading a big backlog of Fortean Times.

Things I Do

  • Identity Management consultant
  • Software developer, tech writer and tester
  • Experienced and fussy Linux sysadmin
  • Vegan food - I love cooking
  • Photography (or at least, I try)
  • Watching Korean dramas
  • Video games
  • Grumbling


I'm a director at Mimoto Ltd. Mimoto offers support and consultancy services for identity and access management, plus some products and cloud services. Mostly we help students and staff at colleges and universitites log in to things properly.

Through Mimoto I work as a consultant and supplier to a number of other companies, notably Sirius Open Source - I've been working with Sirius for over ten years now.

I'm now surprisingly old and have previously worked for ITV (back when it was Yorkshire TV and Granada) The BBC, UMIST and The University of Manchester.

Enter the realm of tedium that is LinkedIn

Open Source Software

I try to release as many projects as I can as open source software, partly to give something back (almost my entire career has revolved around using other people's open source work) and partly because it's fun.

The more notable projects I maintain include:

  • YubikeyOTP: An Elixir library for using classic Yubikey OTP
  • Smee: A set of Elixir libraries for handling SAML metadata
  • Shin: Elixir library for using the Shibboleth IdP admin API
  • MDQT: A commandline tool for managing SAML metadata, and MDQ client
  • Ishigaki: Shibboleth IdP docker container

I write an occassional blog at Digital Identity's website called Identity and Biscuits that's mostly OSS updates and links.

Digital Identity Labs at Github

Watching too many Korean dramas

Almost all the TV I watch now was made in South Korea. I've been building up a sprawling thread of mini reviews on Twitter, documenting my K-drama habit.

There's also now an extended version of the thread in an Apple Numbers spreadsheet (read-only, don't worry about the username) that I send people to when recommending/pushing South Korean TV.

Download The K-Drama Spreadsheet as a PDF
(updated 2023-04-16)


I've had photographs published in books, national newspapers and in Wikipedia, mostly because they were free and well-garnished with metadata keywords.

I have a neglected Flickr account that needs a lot more attention from me, apart from the food section.

Neglected Photography at Flickr


I've been vegan since the early 1990s. My cooking skills have now reached the level of Adequate.

The recipe I use for my kimchi is on Github

I often take photos of the meals I cook. I eat huge amounts of leafy greens but everything in that album looks brown.

My Easy Kimchi

Chunky Icons Linking to Hellsites